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Manufacturing & Packaging

With Sovereign, you will find the most comprehensive all-in-one operation possible for virtual pharmaceutical companies. We have decades of experience bringing together the large-scale manufacturing and packaging solutions your company needs to make its mark in the industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Tablets & Capsules

Sovereign Pharmaceuticals specializes in the manufacturing of customized dosage forms including - Immediate, Sustained and Modified release; Sublingual; Quick-dissolving; Chewable; Bilayer and Coated Tablets; Powder-filled Capsules, and Bulk Powders.

  • DEA License Schedule II - V
  • Wet granulation
  • Oven tray drying
  • Milling and sizing
  • Blending
  • Tablet compression
  • Powder-filled encapsulation
  • Tablet coating
  • Batch sizes 100,000 to 3,000,000+ tablets or capsules
  • Batch sizes 10kg to 775kg for bulk powders


Sovereign specializes in manufacturing oral solutions, topical solutions including otic preparations, and oral suspensions, operating through the DEA License Schedule II–V.

Oral Solutions & Suspensions
  • 1000L, 2000L, and 4000L batch sizes
  • OTC, Rx Only, and Narcotics
Topical Solutions and Otic Preparations
  • Minimum 30L, up to 1000L batch sizes

Manufacturing Equipment

Sovereign is a full-service contract manufacturer and developer. The following is a listing of our major manufacturing equipment we use in our production facility:

  • 0.25, 2.5, 10, and 26 cu.ft. Littleford Lodige mixers
  • Stokes oscillating granulators
  • Fitzpatrick fitzmills
  • Gruenberg ovens
  • 4 quart, 1, 5, 20, and 50 cu.ft. V-blenders
  • Kikusui Gemini tablet press
  • Kikusui Libra tablet presses
  • Manesty Nova tablet press
  • Manesty Rotapress bilayer tablet press
  • AF90T Encapsulation machine
  • AMS Dual-head powder filler
  • 36" Acella-Cota tablet coater
  • 30L, 100L, 300L, 2000L, and 4000L stainless steel mixing tanks
  • 60 gallon electric kettle
  • 0.25, 0.50, 1, 7.5, and 20 HP mixers
  • Meissner inline single & triple filter housings


Sovereign offers a full turnkey delivery for your products. We handle all aspects from label design to specific packaging sizes. We have full label development and inventory capabilities that meet federal regulations with our in-house label control unit.

  • Stock bottles—1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and gallons, HDPE or PET
  • Physician samples—10mL to 30mL fills; shrink-wrapped trays of 6 or 12 bottles
  • Heat-induction seals
  • Otics—10mL or 15mL LDPE, packaged individually in clear vials
Tablets & Capsules—Bottles
  • 40cc to 950cc HDPE or PET
  • 4ct to 1000ct fills
  • Heat-induction seals
  • Shrink-wrapped bundles of 6 or 12 bottles
  • Master shipper cases of 12 or 24 bottles
Powder Filling
  • 100mg to 1kg fill in bottles or jars

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